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Vendor2 is a purpose built application for the cigarette vending industry. This program will take care of all your stock control needs, filler control, site information, machine information and sales, all with a wealth of reports.

  • Stock control includes maintaining a database of your stock items, calculation of stock levels to support your operation, stock ordering and stock take data.
  • Filler control includes maintaining data on the people employed to fill the machines and their stock requirements.
  • Site information includes all relevant information on the sites where machines are located.
  • Machine information includes data on the machine type, stock, change etc.
  • Sales data is maintained for all machines.
  • Calculate and print monthly commission details (will also print statement/cheque).
  • Many reports are available for all aspects of the program. Apart from your standard listing type reports, there are many analytical reports to provide you with a means to improve your business.

Vendor2 is multi user capable and is built on a Firebird back end database .

Pricing and detailed information can be provided on request at sales@zdatasolutions.com.au


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